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Monday Mantra 11.1.2015

This week is: 'Back to Reality'

Happy New Year my friend, I hope the new year is treating you well and you are off on the right foot.

It's back to reality for me, back to work, setting intentions, working around family commitments and looking after ME.

One of my intentions for 2015 is to focus more on 'MIss Ashlee' and up the anti. So as of next Monday, I will be including a video with my 'Monday Mantra' I was also thinking of changing it to a 'Newsletter', what do you think? reply to this email if you have a preference.

I also look forward to connecting with you more, and proving tips and resources that are not only inspirational but motivational too.

I am SO excited for 2015, I hope you are too.

I still have a few openings available for 1:1 'Coaching' so if you are really interested in upping the anti on your intentions for 2015, I can help. My special is running until January 31st, 2105.

It consists of:

5 coaching sessions @ $325 that's $65.00 per session PLUS a (free Angel Card reading valued @ $25 after each session is included) together this is 50% off my regular price.

Sending you all so much  LOVE, LIGHT & MIRACLES

Miss Ashlee xx

Monday Mantra 10.11.14

This week is: 'Expect the Unexpected"The past week has been an absolute whirlwind for me.

I made the decision to focus on finishing my book, and enter it into the 'Hay House' book publishing competition. I'd penciled in my diary for the next month the time I would spend just on my proposal and book!

I was also preparing to travel to Melbourne to attend Doreen Virtue's final live Certified 'Angel Card Reader' course. The only work I packed was my book proposal.

So off I went. The Angel Course was amazing, Doreen is amazing.

I was sitting in the audience, and we were asked to do a card reading for ourselves.

Doreen and Radleigh (her co-facilitator) asked did anyone have a reading they didn't quite understand. I put my hand up straight away, as did the majority of the room.

I looked up and the microphone-carrying guy made direct eye contact with me. I smiled. I got a nervous feeling in my stomach at the thought of being the one who got to talk. He run up the stairs and stood next to the row I was in.

Then he passed me the microphone.

I said ' My name is Ashlee Donohue and as an Aboriginal Woman I would like to pay my respect to the traditional owners who's lands we meet upon today. Pay respect to the Elders past and present and to everyone in this room who is working towards making a difference in the world.'

I then explained that I was a domestic violence educator and wrote a memoir about my own journey through DV. I then said my question for my reading was 'Will my book get published' the first two cards I understood, the third one threw me it was about being so busy I'd need to ask for help.

Doreen and Radleigh both agreed and said my book would be so successful I would be so busy that I'd need an assistant. I smiled and said thank you, in that case my reading is excellent!

Then Doreen started to speak about the importance of the domestic violence message; we started talking openly and honestly, just her and me.

Then Doreen’s husband Michael started talking to ME about how he was a victim of 'Domestic Violence' in his previous marriage. I then spoke openly and honestly to both Michael and Doreen … Doing what I know I’ve been here to do and that is educate EVERYONE on the effects of DV.

The conversation finished with me stating that 'Violence is violence, and its everyone’s business I said as I always do, we all have the capacity to  'Do something NOT nothing'

Just then I heard a voice from behind say 'we will publish your book', I spun around to look at where the voice was coming from, It was Leon the CEO of Hay House Australia. He looked me in my eyes and said 'I will publish your book!'.

I couldn't believe it, I was trembling, crying, laughing all at once. All I could say was 'thank you'.

And just like that I got myself a book publishing deal with Hay House’s sister company Balboa Press.

I sat there for a good few minutes in shock … OMG what the hell just happened??????

Expect the unexpected my friends …. Expect the unexpected!

When we are aligned with our souls purpose, miracles happen … this is proof!

Wishing you all a fabulous week full of LOVE, LIGHT and MIRACLES.

Miss Ashlee xx

Monday Mantra 03.11.14

This week is: 'Fake it till you make it'

Yes my friends, if you are working towards something you truly desire, we must 'fake it till we make it', I don't mean by pretending we are something we are not!

I mean that if we want to do or be something we have to act as if we already are it or have it. For example, my Life Coach asked me 'What do you really want Ashlee'  (yes I do have my own life coach … living by example) I answered  'a great Speaker and successful Coach' and she said well offer your services to a select few so that you can get the feeling of what it is like to be a great speaker and coach.

And guess what? Last Friday I was asked to speak and I did for free. And I have offered a few handpicked Women to be coached by me.

You see in order to manifest we must be able to feel the feeling. here are my 3 tips on 'faking it till you make it'

1. Be crystal clear of your intention, what do YOU want. Own it, believe it desire it.

2. Offer your services. So if you want to be a singer for example, sing at Karaoke, take a singing class, offer to sing at church or a group or a function, feel the feeling of singing. This applies to what ever it is you desire.

3. Claim it. State I am a great singer, or I am a successful Life Coach who has a waiting list. And so on.

Yes my friends 'Fake it till YOU make it' try it … I AM

Wishing you all a fabulous week full of LOVE, LIGHT and MIRACLES.

Miss Ashlee xx

Monday Mantra 27.10.14

This week is: 'Let it GO'

It's been a rough week for me. I seem to be noticing a pattern forming. I go great guns for a few weeks, and then self-doubt creeps back in.

I find myself starting to take things other people do and say personally! I also find myself trying to force things to happen, instead of just letting things flow.

Now I know this is silly behavior and I also know nobody can make me feel anything but myself. However in moments of weakness and self-doubt it creeps in. Thankfully I have the capacity to identify it.

I have also come to a cross roads in my life. And feel unsure of which way to go. Do I go back to work full time? Or do I continue working on my book and coaching … In order to the later I need $$$, if I go back to work full time, I won't have as much time to make my dreams come true. I am SO confused.

In trying to make these decisions I find myself justifying myself, for making decisions for ME! I sometimes become so consumed with the 'what if's' that I almost forget this is MY life. The choices I make are for ME.

And so there you have it, its time to put my big girl bloomers on and just ... 'LET it GO' and trust that all will work out, as it should.

Wishing you all a fabulous week full of LOVE, LIGHT and MIRACLES.

Miss Ashlee xx

Monday Mantra 20.10.14

This week is: 'Take care of yourself'

The past few weeks I have constantly been hearing the term 'self care' and how important it is. In these conversations I have also heard a lot of excuses as to why so many of us don't practice 'self care'. Such as, I don't have time, I'm too tired, my kids need me, my husband needs me, my dog needs me! And they more than likely do. But YOU need YOU too!

What is 'self care' you might ask? In my view its taking a moment to just be! So many of us just keep running on empty, we just keep giving and giving and giving until something GIVES then we stress and panic about having to take care of ourselves because we got SICK.

So this weeks Monday Mantra is just a gentle little reminder for us all to take a moment, make time for yourself, get your nails done, go for a walk, go and see movie by yourself (I did) and I really enjoyed it. Take a moment to take care of YOU, without needing an excuse to do so.

Self Care is simply taking care of the SELF, and when we do that we are better equipped to take care of every thing else that makes up our lives.

So please take care of your self sometime this week, even just for a moment.

Wishing you all a fabulous week full of LOVE, LIGHT and MIRACLES.

Miss Ashlee xx

My Monday Mantra: 13.10.14

This week is: 'Listen to your heart'

I've been in a bit of a twirl the last couple of weeks. As most of you know I was lucky enough to be selected as one of thirteen people from around the world to attend a writers retreat in 2013 with Mastin Kipp founder of 'The Daily Love' You can check him out here

spent a whole month in Bali writing my book a memoir titled'Because I love him'. I have been working really hard on writing a book proposal to enter a competition to win a publishing deal.

It is during this process I started to second-guess myself! 'What if my book upsets my family' 'Will my children look at me differently' 'What will people think' a whole bunch of self doubt was twirling and swirling so much so I needed therapy … true story.

So I found myself making excuses as why I shouldn’t finish my book journey.  Discussing it with a select few about my dilemma … Mastin my mentor and friend would call this 'RESISTANCE' LoL … and he would be right!

One of the BIG lessons I learnt with Mastin in Bali was to 'Listen to your HEART' literally. Place your hand over your heart, sit in silence and LISTEN!

And so I did, the message of guidance came through loud and clear. The is MY book, MY story … I am not our to hurt, embarrass or make anybody feel uncomfortable  … I have a story to tell, that needs to be told and I'm a gonna tell it!  

My heart asked me; would I regret not finishing this book? My heart answered YES in a big booming voice.

Another lesson I learnt from Mastin was that the reason so many of us fail, is because we get to a certain point in the journey and then we freeze, we get scared, RESISTANCE sets in, and we generally do a U-turn, when we are so close to succeeding … I'm glad I learnt this lesson and was able to identify it. I believe great opportunities await me, there will be NO U-turn, cause I'm going to the TOP :)

Listen to your heart my friends … REALLY LISTEN.

Wishing you all a fabulous week full of LOVE, LIGHT and MIRACLES.

Miss Ashlee xx