Work With Me - Training


I am committed to providing a service that works towards improving the response and highlighting the impact of violence at a community, national and international level to work towards changing the statistics around domestic violence through a preventative process in a holistic and inspiring way.


I am available to provide the following services:

  • One on one coaching
  • Educator
  • Public speaking
  • Consultant
  • Workshops/Group work 
    • Anti-Violence,
    • Self esteem and empowerment

I use my life experience as well as my education in all the work I engage in.


I have learnt many hard and valuable lessons as a survivor of domestic violence and life in general. I have also had the privilege of learning invaluable lessons from other women survivors of violence who have participated in the variety of programs I have developed, facilitated and attended.


I share my story, and my experience in hope that I can work towards helping people change their views and the way we react and respond to violence in all its forms.


I truly believe we can ALL work towards changing the horrific statistic that '1 in 3' women will experience violence in their life time! Work with me and we can do it together.