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Workshops & Groups.

This program is delivered in ‘Group workshops’

As a woman, advocate, educator and survivor of domestic violence, I speak whole-heartedly, honestly,

with compassion, respect and knowledge around the impact of violence.

I also like to take a holistic approach in ways to heal, deal and move through the fear.  I believe moving

through the fear of all that is domestic violence is the only way. You can not go over or around it you

must move through it in order to heal and move forward.

I have had the privilege of sharing my story on a community, national and international level. In 2012, I

attended the United Nations Status of Women Forum in New York City where I told my story, I was

scared, I’d spoken about it many times but this time it was the WHOLE story. I cried (the ugly cry)

however I got through it, I did it, the relief after was astounding. 

I know how important it is to be heard to be seen, and to be believed - that is why I believe that in

sharing my story I will give others, just like me, the inspiration and courage to share their stories and

stand together to say NO to violence in all its forms.

My workshops are based around the concept of 'letting go' and 'setting goals'. You don't have to be a

victim of violence to take part in my workshop series - I have developed them to be accessible to ALL

women regardless of circumstance.

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Domestic violence can play havoc on the self-esteem of a victim in the work place as well as have a damaging affect on the workplace. Women who experience domestic violence at home are often harassed at work unbeknown to other staff. This can be a major concern for the victim and employees.

I can provide training around identifying the signs of ‘Domestic Violence’ for your organization, department

or business, providing tools and knowledge that will help address, educate, identify and work toward


Domestic Violence:

In the past 15 years I have been involved in advocating and educating thousands of people around the

‘anti violence’ message, developing several training packages along the way for community, community

organizations and the NSW Government, more recently for the National Rugby League (NRL).

I have the experience both lived and learnt. Having been a survivor of domestic violence I have both the

personal and professional experience to develop, deliver and educate nationally and inter-nationally around

the topic of domestic violence.

I do this respectfully and professionally providing a holistic approach and working towards prevention

whilst understanding the impact and affect that domestic violence has on victims, survivors, families,

friends and communities.

Men’s Anti-Violence:

I am one of the very few women in the state who travel around NSW educating men around the anti-violence message. Being an ambassador, curriculum writer trainer and facilitator for the award winning 'Tackling Violence' program, a program developed to use Rugby League as a vehicle to promote and advocate the anti - violence message for men. I am also the lead writer in the National Rugby League's anti-violence kit 'Voice against Violence'

I believe that we must engage men in the conversations in order to make any kind of impact in reducing

domestic violence.

These conversations MUST be had. In order to protect victims, we need to go to the source meaning we

must first reach perpetrators of violence.

This includes not only holding them accountable, but helping them find a better way to live by providing a

safe space to speak openly and honestly, providing one on one mentoring and education around the

impact and affect of violence.

Anti - Violence in Schools:

I have developed and presented school based education around the anti-violence message to hundreds of

school children through the Tackling Violence programme.

I am available for school discussion and or training for students, teachers and staff.