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Working Towards Changing the statistics around domestic violence through a preventative process in a holistic and inspiring way.



Domestic Violence is a crime, if you need help or you see or hear somebody who needs help, please do something and not nothing by calling;


The Police on 000

Crime stoppers on:

1800 333 000

Domestic Violence Hotline:


1800 737 732

About Ashlee:

Ashlee Donohue, is a proud Aboriginal woman from the Dunghutti Nation, born and raised in Kempsey.

As an advocate, educator, and survivor of domestic violence, she is dedicated to using her experiences to help empower us all to work towards ending violence in all its forms.

Living in Sydney and advocating for the Aboriginal community for over seventeen years, she has been involved with Gadigal Information Service – Koori Radio 93.7FM and Mudgin-Gal Aboriginal Corporation – Women’s Centre, where she has developed programs for young people and women.

As a Life Coach, Speaker and Educator, specializing in Domestic Violence. Ashlee has served as an Educator, curriculum writer and trainer on the award winning project ‘Tackling Violence’ for over five years, ‘Tackling Violence' is a domestic violence education and prevention program that uses regional rugby league clubs to deliver anti domestic violence messages.

Providing Domestic Violence training to thousands of men, women and

students from a variety of organizations community and government, schools, professionals, advocates, and community members, her trainings have focused on preventative education that is realistic and accessible.

For the past four years Ashlee has attended, presented and spoken about her work around the anti-violence message at the United Nations Status of Women’s Forum in New York City.

Ashlee has worked in Women services for over fifteen years. In her role as Education Manager at Mudgin-gal Aboriginal Corporation-Women’s Centre she was the lead writer, trainer and facilitator for the National Rugby League's anti-violence kit ‘Voice against Violence’ a program designed to create accessible information, conversation and education for men, players, families and supporters within the Rugby League family around domestic violence and the impact it has on society.

In addition to her extensive advocacy work, Ashlee completed her Masters of Education from the University of Technology, Sydney, and served as a Director of Community Education - Casual Lecturer for the undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education and Community Management.

Ashlee is currently working with Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia on the project she co-created “Hey Sis, We’ve got your back”, an Aboriginal Women’s Sexual Assault Network that aims to provide resources and develop the skills of Aboriginal women who are working to reduce and prevent sexual assault in their communities. ‘Hey Sis’ will enable peer-to-peer support, professional development and state-wide networking. Supporting the supporters.

As well as running her own business 'Miss Ashlee Enterprise' where she provides one on one mentoring/coaching, consultation on a variety of topics and training events aimed at helping individuals and professionals improve their response to, and ultimately work towards reducing the devastating statistics around domestic violence.

Ashlee lives in Sydney Australia, she has two children and two grand-daughters.