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My Monday Mantra:22.09.14

This week is: 'We reap what we sow'

Yes we do, the good the bad and the ugly. Over the past few weeks I have witnessed people doing good only to turn around and throw it in the persons face! And still think they have done something nice for someone!

The reality is, if you do something for someone just because you can, do it because it makes you feel good and happy, do it out of the goodness of your heart. Don't do it then turn around in the same breath say 'you owe me one'.

When we do good, without expecting something in return or holding it over someone's head, it comes back in tenfold. We all have the capacity to give without expecting anything in return; it’s this type of giving that really you are giving to yourself.

Remember we reap what we sow. Do good and good will flow, do bad and bad will flow. It’s that simple.

Wishing you all a wonderful week full of giving from the goodness of your heart along with love, light and miracles

Miss Ashlee x x x

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My Monday Mantra:15.09.14

This week is: 'Do something. NOT nothing'

Every Monday I work at the National Rape and Domestic Violence Service, on a program called 'Hey Sis, I got your back.' It’s in this role that I have been involved in forming a network of women who advocate against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.

This subject is something I am very passionate about. Having been caught up in the cycle of violence myself; I have a first hand experience of how difficult it can be to get out.

It’s not as easy to 'GET OUT' of the cycle as it is to 'GET IN',

Thankfully I did. Domestic Violence if very real, its scary, its confusing and it HURTS everyone involved.

On average it takes a woman 7-9 violent incidents to occur before she leaves. As little as 3% of ALL women who have been assaulted by a partner leave the FIRST time violence occur. Scary huh?

The good news is there are many services out there available to Women, and I say Women because Men perpetrate 95% of all violent incidents, this includes Men on Men too.

If you or someone you know needs help or someone to talk to please call 1800 RESPECT  - 737 732 NOW!

We can ALL 'Do something. NOT nothing' 000 is a free call; if you want to stay anonymous you can call CRIME STOPPERS.

Do something. NOT nothing.

We ALL have the right to live a life free from violence.

Wishing you all a wonderful week full of love, light and miracles

Miss Ashlee x x x

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My Monday Mantra: 08.09.14

This week is: 'Namaste'

Namaste my friends … The Spirit in me salutes' the Spirit in you.

Namaste is a Sanskrit word and is used as a symbol of gratitude, respect and connection.

I figured what a wonderful way to start the new week of a new season, by acknowledging you all and letting you know how grateful I am that you open my 'Monday Mantra' every week.

Now I ask you all to say ‘Namaste’ during the week, to people you love and more importantly to those that you may not LoL even try with strangers, you don't have to say it out loud you can say it in your mind. Try to make eye contact if even for a second, smile and say Namaste' … The light within me honours the light within you, or as above The spirit in me salutes the Spirit in you! Try it, I guarantee it will make you feel good, and when you feel good, good things happen!

Wishing you all a wonderful week full of love, light and miracles!

Much LOVE and Namaste'

Miss Ashlee x x x

My Monday Mantra: 25.08.14

This week is: 'Love, Love is ALL you need'

What a week its  been, I've had more ups and downs than a roller coaster ride!

As most of you would be aware I had a mole cut off my face this past week, and to be honest I wasn't prepared for the shock of seeing 4 stitches in my face … Call me vain, but I got pretty upset thinking about the scare that will inevitably appear … thank goodness for bio oil LoL.

Anywho back on track, so I was feeling down, and feeling sorry for myself … And then LOVE beautiful LOVE appeared all around me.

Starting with a beautiful wedding I attended on Friday.  You know I can see the LOVE between people, I mean REALLY see IT ... in the way that they look at each other, the shy smile the way people's eyes light up … All of it I see it, and it was overflowing at this wedding, so much so it bought me to tears.

And then on Saturday, I caught myself watching my daughter watch her daughter, and my HEART overflowed with LOVE.

The realisation or the LESSON really was that no matter what may be going on in our worlds in our lives, you never have to look far for LOVE … its in each of us and WE have the power yes YOU do to give love, to be love, to share love, to receive love to feel love to just LOVE!

LOVE, Love is ALL you need!

Wishing you all a love fueled week. PS Please share the LOVE by sharing my 'Miss Ashlee' page with your friends

Sending you all much love, light and miracles

Miss Ashlee x x x

My Monday Mantra:18.08.14

This week is: 'Meditate … Meditate … Meditate'

I cannot stress how much meditating has changed my LIFE! I have developed my practice over the last three years, and I swear it makes a difference to my day.

A lot of people try meditation and give up because most people believe that to meditate you must stop thinking or having thoughts! I'm here to tell you that is a load of rubbish.

The goal is to focus and quiet your mind not STOP it. And as anyone who has tried to meditate or who has a meditation practice will confirm, the trick is to let the thought sit in your mind and then let it pass. If we sit and try to stop thinking thoughts then what will happen? …. Yep you guessed it your mind will go into overdrive of what you need to do. the goal is reach a sense of calm and inner awareness.

So my advice to those who are trying to meditate for the first time is to concentrate on the air going into your nose, down your lungs and back out your nose or mouth, yes your breath … I personally concentrate on the air hitting my nostrils as I breath.

Also you don't' have to sit by a shrine dressed in white with your legs crossed, you can sit in what ever way you feel comfortable, you can meditate anywhere at anytime.

If you are busy and strapped for time try meditating in the shower, water in all its forms is extremely calming. There are many ways to meditate, there are guided meditations ( my favourite) mediations with mantra's, if you are new to this and have no idea google  how to meditate, there's lots of helpful tips.

The trick is to try to focus inward to let what ever is happening out there stay out there even 5 minutes a day will make a difference, the clarity you will receive will change your life!

My practice begins first thing in the morning, I like to do my morning meditation to a guided meditation by Gabrielle Bernstein. This practice helps me so much, it makes me visual what I intend my day to look like, in the positive. It doesn't always turn out exactly as I envision, but my gosh it comes close. If you are interested you can find Gabrielle's meditations on iTunes.

Right now Deepak Chopra and Oprah have a free 21 day mediation experience happening, you can check them out on Facebook.

I urge you all to give it a go, 5-10 minutes every day WILL change your life, It has mine!

Wishing you all a fabulous week. PS Please share my 'Miss Ashlee' page with your friends … Lets educate together xx

Sending you all much love, light and miracles

Miss Ashlee x x x 

My Monday Mantra:11.08.14

This week is: 'Education is the KEY'

This past week I finally took the plunge with the help of my daughter to create a 'LIKE" page on Facebook. The main purpose for this page is to provide a platform that allows me to  discuss my work around the topic of Domestic Violence, in doing so it is my desire to educate and share with people what drives and inspires me.

Domestic Violence is a learnt behaviour and anything that can be learnt can be UN-learnt …. Education is the KEY!

I'd like to share a little story with you all:

During my own struggle with DV it was education that got me through … regardless if I was participating in a little 4 week course or a 3 year Degree, when my life felt like it was spinning out of control I would turn to education, when the man I was in this DV relationship did a stint in jail I would turn to education … 

My first step in ending the relationship happened on the first day of starting my BA in Adult Education and Community Management, this man I was with walked me all the way down to the Uni, as I turned to kiss him goodbye, he said 'Do you think they would notice if I came to class with you?'  I shook my head and pulled a face … He was a 6 foot tall 105 kilo black man … I looked at him and said 'I think they might'  we nervously laughed … I walked away shaking my head in disbelief, it was this very moment that I took my very FIRST step away from him and the vicious cycle I had been caught up in for over 10 years! I knew in my heart that in starting this Degree I was some how taking the first step, first courageous STEP of walking away from him … 

Yes my friends 'Education is KEY' in all areas of LIFE ….

'WE are ALL teachers and students in the biggest classroom called LIFE!' ~ Miss Ashlee

Wishing you all a fabulous week. PS Please share my 'Miss Ashlee' with your friends … Lets educate together xx

Sending you all much love, light and miracles

Miss Ashlee x x x  

My Monday Mantra: 21.07.14

This week is: 'Gratitude is the BEST attitude'

Oprah Winfrey said; 'The single greatest thing you can do to change your life today would be to start being grateful for what you have right now. And the more grateful you are, the more you get.' Amen ... 

As a budding 'Life Coach' I have my ear out for what people are asking for and  hear so many people in everyday conversation talk about what they don't want. The problem with this is that by focusing on what you don't want you end up getting it! 

We need to start focusing and being grateful for what we do have. We are breathing, we are healthy, we have shoes on our feet. Acknowledge people with a slight smile or a big smile or a nod of the head … being grateful, and kind are two of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal and guess what? They don't cost a cent!

So have a go at it, think of 5 or more things you can be grateful for right now? Maybe its your eye sight, maybe its your phone or computer maybe its even ME haha … Its that easy my friends!

Wishing you all a week full of GRATITUDE! 

Sending you all much love, light and miracles x x 

My Monday Mantra:14.07.14

This week is: 'NO one can stop YOU but yourself!'

This week has made me realise just what is possible. I attended the NAIDOC ball on the Gold Coast on Friday night and I listened as an Aunty who won a prestigious award said ' Not bad for girl who's first home was a tin shack who tonight will sleep in a Penthouse and I just bought a Mercedes Benz'. This statement resonated so deeply within me because my first home was also a tin shack on the banks of the Hat Head Creek! Just quietly Aunty worked hard to get where she is too.

Think about if for just a second … my first home was a tin shack with a dirt floor … one would have thought the odds were stacked against me eh? My year adviser in Year 10 told my mother it would be useless for me to continue onto Year 12, lucky for me my mother didn't agree. I now hold a Masters Degree, A BA in Adult Education and Community Management, I have trained elite NRL players around Domestic Violence, presented at the United National in New York City not once but 3 times, was one of thirteen people to be  chosen to live in Bali for a month to write my book with Mastin Kipp - founder of the Daily Love (Oprah has named him one of the leading thought provoking leaders of today) I wrote my book a Memoir … And I'm only just beginning.

Through all of this I raised two children of my own a few not mine, I have endured life's ups and downs, stared death in the face, been bought to my knees in despair, yet I continued with sheer determination and faith, and to be honest I've just started. YOU see 'NO one can STOP YOU but yourself" Go get em … I AM xx

Sending you all much love, light and miracles x x 

My Monday Mantra: 07.07.14

This week is: 'When you know better, you do better' - Maya Angelou

As most of you may know, my grand-daughter Ella was bitten by a goat at a restaurant that has a petting zoo within the grounds. The goats bite ripped through the first layer of her delicate skin. Doctors were unable to stitch her finger for fear of bacteria from the goat permeating her blood.

Now the point of me telling this story is because a few years ago the 'old Ashlee' would have reacted to this situation with abuse and anger, achieving NOTHING except a lot of unnecessary stress on my behalf! However the 'new Ashlee' who now knows better, stayed calm when told of the situation. I headed straight to the hospital, spoke candidly with the Doctor and my daughter in-law Melissa on how we handle the situation. I reached out on Facebook for advise and in doing  so was granted all the information we needed to deal with the situation at hand.

You see if I had reacted with anger and abuse, nothing would have happened and the blatant lack of care from the 'employees' of the restaurant would have continued and no doubt they would have thought nothing more of the situation! However, now that I know better, we handled the situation with a totally different approach, a police report was taken, the RSPCA were contacted and an official letter of complaint is being written up by a lawyer as we speak.

In staying calm and dealing with the situation this way we are creating 'CHANGE' in hope that no other children will be bitten by the goat or if they do, the staff will react in an appropriate manner, and have a proper policy around 'duty of care' as well as a first aid process that was not available to us.

The moral of my yarn is this: If we did nothing but scream and shout, NOTHING would have been achieved! by doing what we did, the whole process around the petting farm will be pulled into gear, making it safer for EVERYONE!

So my mantra is perfect this week, because 'When YOU know better … YOU do better' Wishing you all a fantastic week!

My 'Sunday Thought';