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So you have read all the books, watched the documentaries, listened to podcast, followed Aboriginal social media accounts maybe even marched and you are still left wondering;

How do you become a genuine ally in real life?
How do I show up/ level up?
How can I genuinely help?
I have no idea where to start or who to contact in my area!
What does all of the above look like?

Becoming an ally is a life long process of building relationships it is not something that is self defined, it is built on trust, active listening, education, transparency, consistency and accountability - it involves unlearning a lot of what you may know in this moment to be true!
As an Aboriginal woman who heads up the only Aboriginal women's centre run by Aboriginal women for Aboriginal women in Redfern, Sydney I have the experience and qualifications to help guide and provide you with insight, tools and experience on basic protocols to follow, as well as common mistakes to avoid, that will help you on your journey to becoming a genuine ally to Aboriginal people. And I guarantee ... you will not be left wondering.
This training is for you if:

  • You genuinely want to learn how to be an ally
  • You work with Aboriginal people
  • Want to engage Aboriginal people
  • Want to employ Aboriginal people
  • Are genuinely seeking to make a difference alongside Aboriginal people and the anti-racism movement in Australia.

This 4 hour training will provide a safe space to ask questions that you may not have felt comfortable asking before - take advantage of this. Spaces are limited, ensuring all participants have the opportunity to speak and be heard.