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Anti- Violence Workshops/ Groups:


I provide workshops/groups in a wide variety of settings, including organisations, domestic violence shelters, community centres, schools, and in community. I have also worked with staff in workplaces ranging from Government, community organisations to health-care providers and major corporates.

Each group/ workshop, and presentation is tailored to meet the specific needs of the groups and individuals with whom I engage.

What I Do

As an advocate, educator, and survivor of domestic violence, my drive and purpose lie in working towards changing the statistics around domestic violence through a preventative process in a holistic an inspiring way. By using my lived experience as well as my education and advocacy skills, I can help empower all people to work towards ending violence in all its forms. Everyone has the right to be and feel SAFE.’"

What I provide

Through education, inspiration and motivation. I provide a safe space that allows people to be heard and seen in an inclusive and empowering atmosphere. My goal is to make participants/clients feel as well as leave the sessions better informed and inspired to make change around the topic of violence, will the ultimate goal being that they leave feeling better than when they arrived.

My services include:

  • Workshops and Groups
  • Training and Facilitation
  • Motivation and keynote speaking
  • Consulting; Government, communities and private sectors
  • One on one Coaching 
  • One on one supervision for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people (culturally appropriate)

I truly believe everyone wants to live a life free from violence and racism, by working towards the elimination of violence in all its forms. People just want to know how. People like to feel motivated, inspired and empowered through education and positive action.

And that’s exactly what I’m here to do.


Domestic violence can play havoc on the self-esteem of a victim in the work place as well as have a damaging effect on the workplace. Women who experience domestic violence at home are often harassed at work unbeknown to other staff. This can be a major concern for the victim and employees.

Workplace costs

Within the population of women who have experienced violence, or are currently experiencing violence, the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that between 55% and 70% are currently in the workforce that is, approximately 800,000 women, or around one in six female workers. This means that a significant number of Australian workplaces will be impacted by women’s experiences of domestic and family violence.

Some common costs and impacts include:

  • Decreased staff performance and productivity
  • Increased staff turnover and absenteeism
  •  Negative impact on the organisation’s reputation and image

Impacts on employees

Research into the workplace implications of domestic and family violence has demonstrated how such violence can undermine the working lives of both victims and survivors.

  • One in three Australian women has experienced physical violence, since the age of 15
  • Violence against women is not limited to the home or intimate relationships. Every year in Australia, over 300,000 women experience violence – often sexual violence – from someone other than a partner.
  • Sexual harassment, particularly in the workplace, remains a significant problem in Australia. Research conducted by the Commission has found that one-third of women have been sexually harassed since the age of 15
  • Over 75% of abused women report being harassed by their partner at work (Information/statistics provided by; The Human Rights Commission; Our Watch

These realities create safety and legal ramifications for employers. I can provide training in identifying signs of ‘Domestic Violence’ for your organisation, department or business, providing tools and knowledge that addresses and educates towards prevention.  (Workshops will be tailored to your needs.)


What is a by-stander? According to the dictionary, a bystander is “someone who is present at an event or incident but does not take part.”

What is “The Bystander Effect” - popularized by social psychologists in the 1960s, it refers to the decreased likelihood that a person will intervene or help in an emergency situation if there are other people present. The more witnesses are present, the less likely someone is to intervene. The thinking behind this is;

“Someone else will do something"

However this is rarely the case. My ‘By-Stander’ training provides strategies and tools on how to overcome resistance to taking a stance and intervening when they witness a potential violent situation. By empowering people/witnesses to become active bystanders, it is my hope to create a compassionate community response to encourage people to take a stance to intervene and work towards reducing violence in all its forms.

In ALL training packages participants will:

  • Be provided with informed strategies on how to intervene when they see domestic violence or sexual assault in progress.
  • Learn tools on how to provide and show empathy for victims of violence and understand the importance of supportive response.
  • Learn about practical safety information/ tools around violence
  • Learn how to identify situations where bystander intervention is appropriate and how to overcome barriers to successful intervention
  • Utilise and work within a holistic approach
  • Be empower with a variety of tools to help them speak out whilst staying safe.

'It is SO much easier to intervene when you are informed. You dont' have to do it alone.

Together we can work towards eliminating violence in ALL its forms.'

My Workshops also provides the basic foundations for supporting survivors of violence. Throughout the workshops we will discuss different approaches and tools that can be used when supporting someone.
Topics include:

  • Active listening
  • Identifying the signs
  • Who to call
  • Where to get help
  • Self care
  • Steps we can take to help ourselves, families, and communities be safer.


In the past 20 years I have been involved in advocating and educating thousands of people around the ‘anti violence and anti-racism' message, developing several training packages keynote speaches along the way for:

  • Community
  • Women's NSW
  • Community organisations
  • NSW Government
  • The National Rugby League (NRL)
  • Country Rugby League
  • Disability Justice Service
  • Black Dog Institute
  • Nurses Australia
  • Qantas
  • Westpac
  • United Nations

I do this respectfully and professionally providing a holistic approach and working towards prevention whilst understanding the impact and affect that domestic violence and racism has on victims, survivors, families, friends and communities.

I have the experience both lived and learnt. Having been a survivor of domestic violence and experienced racism first hand, I have both the personal and professional experience to develop, deliver and educate nationally and inter-nationally around the topic of domestic violence, racism and Aboriginal women.

Training is offered on a sliding scale, based upon organisational size and budget.

For more information or to set up a workshop, group, training, or presentation please contact me via email @ 

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